Jumpstart Your Stagnant Career in 5 Weeks

Leverage Your Inner Power, Let Your Gifts Shine, Build A Solid Thriving Career

This is a rapid result coaching program for those whose careers have been stagnating, or who have not been living up to the professional dreams they had for themselves, and who finally want to resurrect their career achievements back to life.

It’s also for those whose careers have reached a dead-end, and who want to figure out how to move forward.

If you are tired of seeing your peers get ahead of you, especially those that you believe are no smarter or better than you, this program is for you.

This Program Is For You, If You Want To...

  • Get your stagnant career back on track
  • Ensure that your work is in sync with your life purpose and values
  • Revitalize your energy and productivity at work
  • Get that promotion and raise you deserve
  • Raise your confidence and self-worth
  • Eliminate the fear that is holding you back
  • Refocus, and power up your professional life and career

At the end of the program, you will have tailored insights, recommendations, strategies, and action plans based on all our works together.

5-Step Career Jumpstart Model

Step 1: Identify the Obstacles and Clear the Path

We will try to identify the obstacles, barriers and impediments that are standing in your way of career progress and start the process of clearing them. We will use the Managing Emotions exercises to try to dissociate or free you from some burdensome emotions that might be holding you down, such as guilt (past emotions), fear (present emotions) and anxiety (future emotions).

Step 2: Life Purpose and Values Analyses

We will explore your life purpose and how it relates to your career choices, your values at work, motivators, interests, and strengths. These exercises are invaluable in understanding why your career is stagnant, but even more importantly in figuring out how to jumpstart and accelerate your career. For your career to thrive, it must be in alignment with your purpose, values, interests, motivators, and strengths.

Step 3: Career and Other Options Exploration

Here, we will explore all the various career options that may be available to you. You may conclude that you want to continue with your current job, but then decide on strategies to navigate and accelerate your career growth. Or you may decide you want to move to a different position in your current company. Or you may even conclude that you want a total change career. You will be surprised at the career options available to you. 

Step 4: Networking and Mastermind: The Secret Sauce of Career Acceleration

Networking, masterminds, and mentoring are REQUIRED for any career growth and acceleration. In this module, I will use the Next-Level Mastermind Tool to coach you on how to intentionally build your power professional networking, mastermind, and mentoring resources.

Step 5: Action, Transition and Transformation Plan

We will conclude with a clear set of plan that will take you to next step actions, which will lead you to transition and then ultimately to your career transformation.

Bonus: Next-Level Life Exercise and Coaching

Program Fee: $1,400 paid in full

Payment plan of $720 x2

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